Perl Modules


Perl modules are software components in the Perl language. This interface allows you to search for and install Perl modules from the CPAN repository to your website.


You  must  install Perl modules before you can use them inside of a Perl program.

Install Perl modules


If you know the name of the desired module, enter it in the Install a Module text box and click Install Now.

Perform one of the following actions to find the desired module and install it:

  • Enter a search term in the Search text box and click Go. You will see modules that are specific to that search term.
  • Click Show Available Modules to see a list of available Perl modules from CPAN.


Every module in the CPAN repository will not display.

WHM displays the following information for the displayed modules:

Module Name The module's name.
Description A description of the module.
Actions The actions that you may perform for that module.



If you did not find the desired module, repeat this process until you locate the appropriate module.

The Installed Modules table

The Installed Modules table displays all of the modules that are currently installed to your cPanel account.

For each installed module, the table displays the following information:

Module Name The module's name.
Version The module's version number.

The actions that you may perform for that module. For each module, you can perform the following actions:

  • Update — Update the module.
  • Reinstall — Reinstall the module from CPAN.
  • Uninstall — Remove the module from your server.
  • Show Documentation — Read the module's documentation on CPAN.

System modules

cPanel & WHM includes specific Perl modules.


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