Security Policy


This interface allows you to update and manage your cPanel account's security questions. You can also add access IP addresses. When you attempt to log in to your cPanel account from a verified access IP address, the system will not require you to answer the security questions.

Your hosting provider may require you to answer these security questions if you attempt to access your cPanel account from an unverified IP address. This policy helps to keep your server secure.


When you attempt to log in from an unverified IP address and successfully answer your security questions, cPanel automatically adds that IP address to the list of verified access IP addresses.

Update Security Questions

To update your security questions and answers, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Update Security Questions and Answers.
  2. For each security question that you wish to modify, perform the following actions:
    • Select or enter the desired question.
    • Enter an answer to the question in the appropriate text box.
  3. Click Continue
  4. Verify that the answers are correct, and then click Save Answers. A confirmation message will display.


If you used the server's root password to log in to a cPanel account, you cannot update security questions and answers. Instead, click Reset Security Questions and Answers. The system will prompt the cPanel account user to update the security questions and answers at the next login.

Manage Recognized IP Addresses


When you attempt to log in to your cPanel account from a verified access IP address, the system will not require you to answer the security questions. 

To add and remove access IP addresses, click Manage Access IPs.

Add an access IP address

To add an access IP address, perform the following steps:

  1. Enter the IP address or range of addresses in the Access IP text boxes.


    You may use an asterisk (*) in the last octet. The system treats this asterisk as a wildcard, which means that any IP address within the specified IP address block is a verified access IP address and may skip security questions when you log in.

  2. Click Add.

Remove an access IP address

To remove an access IP address, click Remove in the Functions column for the IP address that you wish to remove.

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